Final Instructions


Detail, Detail, Detail!!!


Those you are working with at the facility and your major suppliers, AV, décor, etc. need the details. 

If they are going to be able to create the meeting that you can envision, you must get what is in your head onto paper and to your suppliers in a timely fashion… 


  • Room set ups (with diagrams… so those setting up the room know what you want
  • Share this information with everyone to ensure all have the big picture
  • Details should be sent to the facility and other suppliers 4-6 weeks prior to the event.  This will give everyone enough time to do the facility event orders, AV estimates, etc and send them back to you for approval.
  • Provide continuous updates – as things change, your suppliers will know what is happening
  • A central contact can coordinate the various departments from room set up to food and beverage, to rooms division and check in.
  • Normally this is the Convention Services Manager
  • This helps coordinate all aspects of the meeting through a central source
  • You are going to have to bring in your AV and possibly other technical people, show manager, maybe entertainment supplier and your DMC if you have one involved but a convention services manager on site means one person in the facility can cover all your facility needs..


There is an old saying that ;

Knowledge is Power!

In the meeting management business, Knowledge isn’t power and if it isn’t shared, it is DISASTER


Set Up Sheets / Event Orders

The key is communicate, communicate, communicate

  • As the meeting planner you must put down all the details of your meeting on set up sheets.
  • Some call them set up sheets others call them event order.
  • It doesn’t matter what you call them… it is a clear, concise instructions about what you need to do and how you see each set up and each event
  • It is usually a good idea to develop these sheets by day and time of day and by room in a chronological order.
  • Others prefer to do it by room… for the duration.
  • It is a personal preference
  • The facility will take this information and transfer it to their own Event Order and return them to you for review…
  • Compare them to what you produced, make any adjustments, sign and return…

 Points to note:

  • Complete set up requirements including diagram for more complicated set ups
  • Make sure you have confirmed the room set ups and AV with your speakers to avoid last minute changes or surprises
  • Keep your audio visual suppliers in the loop
  • Include information on your speakers, meeting agenda, etc. – by including this, the facility will better understand the anticipated flow of the session and may provide suggestions to make it even better
  • You may want to include meeting room rental charges and food and beverage/menu costs on the event order/set up sheet.  This reconfirms what you have agreed to and it is a great central spot to keep your numbers as back up documentation