Post Event


Its Over… Not Quite

Upon your return, you will have all those boxes to unpack.. what else?

  • Thank you letters to write.. to suppliers, facility personnel, volunteers, etc
  • You have to reconcile the bills when they come in and pay them
  • You have to work out the actuals verses budget
  • You have statistical data to finalize – actual attendance, number of covers at each meal function vs. guarantees, bedroom pick up, number of no shows, ticket sales, and so in
  • You probably will need to write reports too
  • You may want to have a debrief session with others on staff who were on site
  • You may need to have a wrap up meeting with your planning committee….



Evaluation forms can be developed before you go on site.

  • They are designed to determine if the goals and objectives of the meeting have been met
  • They must be carefully planned with appropriate materials
  • Arrangements must be made for the distribution, collection and tabulation.

Consideration must be given to what you want to evaluate

  • Program:  including topics, substance and speakers with an eye to future utilization
  • Maybe you want to assess other elements, entertainment, your trade show, social programs
  • Maybe you want feedback on the site, facilities, local services
  • Maybe you want to gather attendee information on those attending the meeting 
  • You may also ask what topics the delegates would like covered at future events

What’s Next?

By the time you are done… it is time to start all over again.