Primary & Secondary Objectives

The Primary Objective:

Will encompass those areas, which are critical and determine the overall success of the meeting:


  • financial responsibilities
  • site, time, expectations
  • overall program layout (meeting pattern), etc
  • outcomes… the purpose may be a sales meeting but what outcomes are expected, attendees – number and type


Secondary Objectives:

Relate to less critical but important functions incorporated into the meeting


  • budget expectations:  make money, break even, etc.
  • social programs
  • food and beverage, etc
  • registration

With these you sometimes omit span of time because they relate to primary objective and it is covered.


Primary Objective:

To produce a 2 day sales conference and product launch to be held in November 2012 at a cost not to exceed $80,000.00 that introduces the 2013 product line and motivates pharmaceutical national sales representatives to produce a 10% sales volume increase during the next fiscal year.

Secondary Objectives that relate to this primary objective:

·        To produce an approved budget not to exceed $80,000.00

·        To select and contract a facility by April 1, 2012 to meet the needs of the meeting

·        To produce by September 10, 2012 support material for the 3 new products that will be launched at this meeting including video presentation product specifications sheets and promotional brochures on each product